River Island Autumn/Winter 2011

So it’s finally here at London Fashion Week – MENSWEAR DAY. And naturally I wanted a good outfit that would get me through the day [and night of course]. I’ve been loving all the new-age, modern, contemporary – whatever you want to call it – heritage trends. Those who stuck with me during Fairisle Friday will know all too well.

One brand that hits all the buttons here is River Island and their A/W collection is absolutely gorgeous. The kind folks over there were generous enough to dress me for Fashion Week and above is a selection of what I will be wearing tomorrow at Menswear Day. So look out for me! Looks okay flat – but on it just works so well.


This modern heritage collection is really putting river island forward in this winter’s high street market. this brand really offers some different interesting items to its consumers. so jealous that you could go to LONDON FASHION WEEK to see the real thing going on there. well, i have a blog post on river island as well, i think you might already read it before.

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